It's about time there was an alternative to the 'adjustable objective' and 'side focus' methods of parallax correction. After decades of fumbling for the bell of your scope, or manipulating a clunky turret located opposite the elevation turret, a new solution is finally here. With rear focus, after adjusting your standard magnification with the wheel, simply slide your hand slightly forward to find the parallax wheel, which has been cleverly integrated into the eyepiece.

0623 - Modified 4 - faded edge.png

This patented innovation - standard on all Acculine optics - confers a number of benefits unto the user:

* The proximity of the parallax ring to the magnification ring means that dialing in parallax is quicker.

* This proximity also means that making parallax adjustments doesn't pose a risk to shot stability; because the parallax can be adjusted without moving your hand away from the eyepiece, there's no risk of bumping the bell, or otherwise jostling the optic. 

* With rear-focus, the parallax adjustment is done via movement inside the erector tube. Due to the longer range of movement available inside the erector tube as compared to inside a side-focus turret, or between objective lenses, the range markings on the Acculine parallax adjustment ring are more accurate than with other optics. As a result, printed ranges on the Acculine parallax wheel are accurate to within 2 meters at 50 meters, and 4 meters at 100 - a vast improvement over traditional methods, which are so inaccurate that most manufacturers often don't even include ranges.